Welcome to the South Carolina Police Chiefs Association (SCPCA) website.  It is my honor and privilege to serve my peers and my profession as President of the SCPCA for 2019.  The SCPCA is comprised of more than 200 Police Chiefs and Commanders from all areas of South Carolina, both active and retired.  

The SCPCA is committed to advancing the law enforcement profession with an emphasis on fostering strong ethical standards and a commitment of professional conduct in law enforcement through education, professional training, communication, and improving laws that protect the citizens of communities throughout South Carolina. It is imperative that we work together within our profession and more importantly, with our legislators, local and state government officials, and our citizens to ensure that we are taking positive steps focused on accountability, education, and transparency in law enforcement.

Law enforcement as a whole has experienced major changes in the past decade, and with the continuous cycle of improvements in technology, our profession will continue to experience change even more rapidly than we have in the past.  To keep up with these changes it takes education and teamwork,  as well as changes in our laws, to be successful leaders of law enforcement agencies.  The SCPCA is dedicated to providing law enforcement leaders in our state with the resources and tools necessary to lead our agencies and protect our communities through training and collaboration with peers to allow us to be the best leaders we can be for our communities.

The success of the SCPCA is rooted in the participation of its membership.  Our Board members, and Committee members, are influencing policy and practices at the highest levels.  I encourage all South Carolina Police Chiefs and their command staff to be actively involved in our organization.  I look forward to serving the Association and its membership this year as we continue to strive to enhance and promote our profession. 


President Andy Robinson

York Police Department