Welcome to the South Carolina Police Chiefs Association! Our association is assembled primarily for the professional development of police chiefs and commanders throughout our state, and for legislative advocacy around the interests of community safety and organizational and employee support.  

 The challenges of policing in the 21st century are monumental.  Not only are we faced with the slow reversal of historic declines in crime, but rapid changes in the social fabric and dynamics of our communities have challenged the foundations of our organizational, operational and outreach structures, as well as our traditional approaches to training.  In the wake of these social changes, today’s police leaders need broader perspectives and enhanced skillsets to effectively manage police agencies and community expectations.

 Likewise, police executives can be an instrumental force in shaping legislative priorities and legislation itself.  Whether we are working hand in hand with legislators and interest groups to shape legislation like those requiring body cameras or revising the Freedom of Information Act, working to prevent the passage of senseless bills such as marijuana legalization, or advocating for the resources necessary to provide fundamental safety and security to all South Carolinians, police executives are working hard to make a real difference to improve relationships, safety and quality of life throughout our state. 

 We cannot do this work alone.  We need the involvement of police executives from every agency and we need  the gracious support of our communities.  When we are working together, we are achieving more for each other, our communities, and for our wonderful State.  If you aren’t involved, I encourage you to be involved.  Whether you are a member, volunteer, sponsor or financial supporter, we need you.  Our profession needs you.  I hope you will join us in our efforts to meet the policing and community challenges of this century here in our State.  In doing so, you are helping transform the SCPCA into a positive and driving force for our communities and our profession.

 ~President Lamaz Robinson
   Johnston Police Department