Membership Categories and Applications

Membership: January 1st - December 31st

Renewal notices are emailed at the beginning of December - Please make sure we have an active email address on file. Login to your account online or call SCPCA to update your information.

The South Carolina Police Chiefs Association has four membership categories as set forth in our Constitution: Active, Associate, Life, and Sustaining. Dues for Active and Associate members are $100.00 each year. Life members pay no dues. Sustaining memberships are by individual arrangement with the Association. The description of each membership category is from our Constitution. Applications may change from time to time.

1. Active Membership:

Active membership in this Association shall be limited to full-time law enforcement chief executives engaging in the management of municipal, state, or federal law enforcement agencies in the State of South Carolina to include any chief executives of institutions of higher learning and airport police who are certified by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Training Council.  

Click here for the application for Active membership.

2. Associate Membership:

This membership is for the number two executive position within a department; i. e. when a Director of Public Safety has a Chief. The following persons shall be eligible for associate membership:

  1. All persons who are widows/widowers of active members in good standing at the time of his/her death.
  2. All persons not eligible for active membership, but who are qualified by training and experience in law enforcement or other law enforcement activity or by other professional attainments in law enforcement and criminal justice sciences.
  3. Associate members shall have all the privileges of active members except that of voting and holding office.
  4. Each applicant for associate membership shall be endorsed by an active member of the Association in good standing.

Click here for the application for Associate membership.

3. Life Membership:

Life membership may be conferred upon any active member of the Association retiring provided he has been in the Association at least ten years (rev. 10/2005). This lifetime membership is awarded only by majority vote of the membership in attendance during a business meeting. Life members shall have the same voting privileges as active members but shall not be required to pay dues.

Please email your request for Life Membership to [email protected] 

4. Sustaining Membership:

All persons or businesses who are donors of funds to the Association for the purpose of advancing, improving and bettering the law enforcement profession may be recommended to the Executive Board to become sustaining members of this Association under such rules as the Executive Board may establish and approve. If the recommendation is accepted by the person or business, such membership shall be with all privileges except that of holding office and voting. 

Click here for the PDF application.